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IDEA’s Safeguarding Policies

IDEA is committed to creating a safe and healthy environment for any children/young people with whom we might work and to ensuring their safety and welfare at all times. We are committed to the principle that the welfare of the child is paramount, and must always come first, and that child safeguarding and child protection is everyone’s responsibility. We are also committed to promoting the rights of the child to be protected, treated with respect, be listened to and have their views taken into consideration, including the participation of children/young people, in matters that affect them.

While our main work does not usually directly involve children/young people, we are fully committed to safeguarding the well-being of any children/young people with whom we come into contact. IDEA’s work may potentially involve children/young people, through:

  • Involvement in consultations or meetings
  • Engagement in task groups
  • Representation at national or international events such as a Young People’s Forum
  • Involvement at launches and events
  • Communications via the internet and social media

Our safeguarding policies aim to value and protect children. They help provide safeguards and support for staff when they are working with children and young people, promote good practice when engaging with children/young people and support IDEA to be a healthy and safe organisation for everyone we engage with. This includes working in line with Children First and our relevant organisational policies and procedures relating to safeguarding.

Our Child Safeguarding Statement has been developed in line with requirements under the Children First Act 2015, Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2017), and Túsla’s Child Safeguarding: A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice.

The following procedures support our intention to safeguard children while they are availing of our services:

  • Appointment of a ‘Designated Liaison Person (DLP)’ to deal with any complaints or issues arising which concern the safety or welfare of any child/young person who attends any events or meetings organised by IDEA or attends with IDEA personnel:  Frank Geary, Director: frank@ideaonline.ie
  • Procedure for maintaining a list of ‘mandated persons’ in our service (if any) and appointing a ‘relevant person’ in accordance with Children First Act 2015
  • Procedure for working with third parties (e.g. consultants) and ensuring they understand our safeguarding procedures
  • Procedure for the management of allegations of abuse or misconduct against workers/volunteers of a child availing of our service;
  • Safe recruitment and selection of workers and volunteers to work with children (including Vetting);
  • Provision of and access to child safeguarding training and information;
  • Keeping Parents/Guardians informed including through the use of consent forms
  • Procedure for the reporting a child protection or welfare concern to Túsla; as well as,
  • Records of registration and attendance; Incident/accident report form; Health and Safety policy; an anti-bullying policy; a complaints procedure.

The above are available upon request from our Child Protection officer Elaine Mahon: elaine@ideaonline.ie

The following policies are part of our safeguarding approach and can be consulted here:


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