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Working Groups

Working Groups

IDEA's Working Groups and Task Groups are a space for Members to collaborate on tasks and issues that are important to them. They also help to ensure that IDEA's work reflects the needs and energy of its members. 

Working Groups are formed around issues of long-term importance to the sector. They are initially set up for a 3-year period, with workplans developed annually linked to the overall group objectives.

Task Groups are formed around a particular time-bound task and may disband once their task has been completed. They may therefore change and vary from year-to year.

Get Involved

IDEA Working Groups are open to all members. Working groups typically meet 3-4 times a year either face-to-face or using IDEA’s teleconference facility. There may also be email exchanges. Depending on what the group is doing there may be extra time commitment around an event that the group organises. IDEA staff are involved in each group to provide support. If you would like to join a group, please email the convenor of the relevant group - see below.

IDEA members are welcome to propose new working or task groups. Please send a brief description of this new group, a possible title, and what you would like to achieve as a group to Elaine Mahon, IDEA's Capacity Development Manager. The National Council makes the final decision on proposals for new groups. 

Current IDEA Working and Task Groups

Formal Education Working Group

The IDEA Formal Education Working Group works on the many areas that IDEA is focusing on in the Formal education sector, including the reform of the Junior Cycle. To get involved contact the convenor Aisling McGrath, or the IDEA staff contact Sal Healy

Adult and Community Sector Working Group

The IDEA Adult and Community Sector Working Group is currently focusing on developing a strategy and common vision for the adult and community education sector. To get involved contact the convenors Melíosa Bracken and Tessa Cornally, or IDEA staff contact Éimear Green.  

Quality and Impact Working Group

The IDEA Quality and Impact Working Group aims to explore the concept of "quality" in Development Education and support the development of good practice guidelines for the sector. Additionally it provides support to its members in developing skills relating to impact measurement and also promotes discussion within the sector on quality and impact. To get involved contact the convenor Mags Liddy or the IDEA staff contact Elaine Mahon. For more information on work carried out by the group, visit our Quality and Impact page.

Youth Task Group

The IDEA Youth Task Group was established in February 2015 to feed into the Global Education Network Europe (GENE) Peer Review process for the Irish Aid Development Education Programme in Ireland. Since then it has continued to meet to respond to opportunities such as engaging on the Irish Aid Development Education Strategy 2017-2023. To get involved contact the convenor Valerie Duffy.


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