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IDEA is active at a European level in promoting Developmen Education and participating in like-minded networks. We include relevant news and events from Europe in our E-Circular to keep members up to date. Across Europe, Development Education is alive and well and practiced in many different contexts. It is referred to variously as "Global Learning", "Global Education" or "Global Citizenship Education". For a useful overview of Development Education in Europe you can read The  European  Development  Education  Monitoring  Reportpublished in 2012.

The DARE Forum

CONCORDThe DARE Forum (Development Awareness- Raising and Education) is a working group of CONCORD, the European Platform for development NGOs. At the European level, it plays a key role in promoting and strengthening development education. The DARE forum is one of CONCORD's core working groups, and gathers representatives of national platforms and networks. It has several sub working groups, focusing on specific development education and awareness raising (DEAR) issues. 

Issues the DARE Forum works on include:

  • Development Education
  • Public Awareness Raising
  • Campaigning
  • Active Citizenship
  • Global Education

The DEEEP Project

DEEEPDEEEP is a programme initiated by the DARE Forum. It is co-funded by the European Union. IDEA is a member of the management consortium for the 4th phase of the DEEEP project. DEEEP 4 aims to contribute to the creation of a global civil society through citizen’s empowerment for change in order to achieve global justice and the eradication of poverty.

DEEEP4 aims to reinforce the following key areas:

  • The creation of a global coalition for citizens’ empowerment
  • The coordination of the development education sector
  • The identity and the conceptualization of development education
  • The contribution of development education to wider discourse on development and education
  • The improvement of the quality and impact of development education
  • See the DEEEP4 website for many interesting links on Development Education in Europe.

In 2011, the DARE Forum produced a position paper on DEAR, “Development Needs Citizens”. Download the summary version here.

Visualising The European Landscape

Below is a representation of the main stakeholders in the European Development Education landscape. This is taken from the DEEEP Advocacy Toolkit (May 2012). 


Relevant European Organisations

GENE is the Global Education Network of Europe. They are a network of Ministerial departments and state agencies that support Development Education.

The North-South Centre is a project of the Council of Europe. It is the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity. It’s activities are:

  • Promoting dialogue and cooperation between Europe, the South of the Mediterranean and Africa
  • Building a global citizenship based on human rights and citizens' responsibilities

GLEN is a Global Education Network for young people. It focuses on contributing to a better understanding of global interdependency, fair and sustainable ways of living, to a responsible development policy and to North-South relations based upon equal partnership and mutual respect.

Trialog- Development NGOs in the enlarged EU. TRIALOG is a project to strengthen civil society organisations (CSOs) in the enlarged EU for active engagement in global development. Every year they host partner-building activities for organisations wishing to seek European partners for making funding applications.

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