Development Education

DE in Europe

Across Europe, Development Education is alive and well and practiced in many different contexts. It can be referred to as "Global Learning", "Global Education" or "Global Citizenship Education".

IDEA is active at a European level in promoting Development Education and participating in like-minded networks, such as:


The Bridge 47 Network was set up by partners that were involved in the advocacy for the Sustainable Development Goal on Education, particularly target 4.7. These include CONCORD Europe, Education International, DARE network (Democracy and Human Rights Education in Europe) and the International Council on Adult Education.

The Bridge 47 Network is for all groups interested in working together on reaching Goal 4.7. It aims to be a platform for all types of ‘value-based educations’ and all kinds of educational actors to support each other, facilitate cooperation and achieve the 4.7 target through collaboration.

Relevant European Organisations and Networks

GENE is the Global Education Network of Europe. It is a network of Ministerial departments and state agencies with national responsibility for Development Education in European Countries. It facilitates the sharing of policy learning between over 40 Ministries and Agencies and other bodies from over 25 countries.

CONCORD is the European Platform for Development NGOs. It is a member-led organisation that is made up of 28 national associations, 20 international networks and 3 associate members that represent over 2,600 NGOs. It is the main body engaging with the EU institutions on development policy. It changed its structure in 2015 from 22 working groups including the DARE Forum to 4 Hubs. HUB 4 focuses on Global Citizenship Education & People Engagement and works on issues such as Global Citizenship Education, Gender Equality, Paradigm Shift towards Sustainable Global Development, and Public Pressure for Global Justice.

The North-South Centre is a project of the Council of Europe. It is the European Centre for Global Interdependence and Solidarity. Its activities include:

  • Promoting dialogue and cooperation between Europe, the South of the Mediterranean and Africa
  • Building a global citizenship based on human rights and citizens' responsibilities

GLEN is a Global Education Network for young people. It focuses on contributing to a better understanding of global interdependency, fair and sustainable ways of living, to a responsible development policy and to North-South relations based upon equal partnership and mutual respect.

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