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Code of Good Practice

As part of our work in strengthening good practice in Development Education, IDEA is leading the development of a Code of Good Practice in Development Education. This builds on the work already carried out by IDEA working groups and partners in the production of Good Practice Guidelines for key areas of DE activity - see below.  

Drafting the Code: A workshop took place with IDEA members in November 2016 about strengthening good practice in DE. IDEA convened a task group from the membership to draft a Code of Good Practice for Development Education in Ireland. This group developed Core Principles along with indicators and a list of potential evidence for the Code. We also explored possible implementation and support mechanisms for members who adopt it. The task group met 3 times in 2017, and consisted of 13 IDEA members plus IDEA staff.  The Code of Good Practice in Development Education is now in its third draft, and the next step is for the Code to be piloted.

How can IDEA Members be involved: The current draft of the Code will be piloted by a group of IDEA members in 2018, led by an external consultant and coordinated by IDEA.The piloting phase itself will be a learning process, participatory and reflective. The pilot group will ideally be made up of 8 - 10 members, representing different sub-sectors of IDEA membership (formal education, youth work, adult and community education) as well as both individual practitioners and organisational members. These IDEA members will commit to progressing (at their own pace) towards implementing the Code and will include a commitment from the wider organisation to support this from the outset. 

Commitment to the pilot would include signing an agreement with IDEA to fulfil the following steps as part of a piloting group:

  • Beginning the journey by signing up as an organisation or individual practitioner.
  • Committing to attend the 3 pilot group half-day meetings (first meeting is Wednesday 11 April and other dates TBC).
  • Agreeing to an initial self-assessment, and short exercise to reflect where each organisation/member is at the beginning of the pilot process.
  • Deciding on which principles to focus on to begin with, and how they apply to the organisation, group or individual's work.
  • Setting internal milestones via an action plan.
  • Being open, after an agreed period of time, to peer review and feedback on work carried out during the piloting process, the nature of which will be agreed collectively by the group in advance.
  • Being open to continuous improvement towards fulfilling the principles, again which each participant will be involved in shaping as part of the process.

Although time is required for involvement in the process as outlined above, involvement will also tie in with organisations' ongoing work as much as possible. Any IDEA member interested in getting involved or who has questions, please contact Elaine@ideaonline.ie.

Find out more about how to get involved here.

Good Practice Guidelines

IDEA aims to share good practice to enable all members to continuously improve their work. We work with our members to establish guidelines for good practice Development Education. We also disseminate Guidelines produced by other organisations. Recent Guidelines produced by IDEA Working Groups include Good Practice Guidelines for Schools and for Adult and Community Education. You can access the Guidelines in the list below. We hope you find them useful!

Good Practice Guidelines for Development Education
  1. Good Practice Guidelines for DE in Adult and Community Education by IDEA’s Community Sector Working Group

  2. Good Practice Guidelines for DE in Schools by IDEA’s Formal Education Working Group

  3. Good Practice Guidelines for DE in Volunteering by Comhlámh

  4. Good Practice Guidelines for DE in Youth Work by the National Youth Council of Ireland

  5. Guidelines for Producing DE Resources by www.developmenteducation.ie

  6. Good Practice Tips for Planning an Action Outcome in DE by the Centre for Global Education

DE in Action: A Hub for Good Practice Development Education

IDEA works on an ongoing basis with www.developmenteducation.ie to build a hub of Development Education case studies. The aim of the hub is to showcase the quality and diversity of Development Education activities all around Ireland. IDEA members are welcome to submit a project using the online form on the DE in Action hub anytime. View the current case studies!


We organise training, seminars & meetings to build capacity in the following areas:


IDEA works to connect its membership and also to connect Development Education to wider audiences.